Figs with mozzarella and jamon

Jamie Oliver fans will recognize this variation on one of his delicious and super easy recipes. This salad does not involve any cooking, but it looks amazing and you are guaranteed to impress your guests.
In Madrid the fig season is full on, which makes one very happy amateur chef!


  • figs
  • buffalo mozarella
  • the best jamon iberico or serrano that you can get
  • olive oil
  • balsamico creme


  • Simply cut the figs in 4 pieces, or for a more special presentation only cut the fig twice halfway through, and gently press the fig on the non-cut part so that the fig opens like a tulip (as on the picture)
  • Put the figs on a large plate, add the jamon pieces in a playful way. Tear the buffalo mozzarella in pieces (do not cut) and add them to the plate
  • Put some salt and pepper, and drizzle with olive oil and balsamico creme. Balsamico creme is much sweeter then balsamic vinegar. If you cannot find balsamico creme, mix some balsamic vinegar with honey
  • The salad is ready, so start sharing!
    To vary, you could try adding some basil or grated lemon skin peel