Saffron risotto with wild trout

One of the dishes I love most is risotto – a dish that needs constant love and stirring for about half an hour, with as result a super smooth rice dish full of flavour that you just cannot resist. This risotto can be made both with chicken stock or fish stock, depending on how much you want to put the fish in the spotlight.

Ingredients: (for 2 pers.)

  • cherry tomatoes
  • pinch saffron strands
  • 1 sjalot
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 celery stem
  • 1 half of fennel
  • chicken or fish broth in a jar (no cube)
  • 200gr risotto rice, arborio or carnaroli
  • glass of white wine
  • mascapone, 2 table spoons
  •  1 wild trout, fillet
  • few apple capers to serve
  • parmasan cheese to taste
    Duration: 60min


  • Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees Celcius
  • Cut the sjalot, garlic, fennel and celery in small cubes for the risotto
  • Soak the saffron in the white wine for at least 15min


  • Place the cherry tomatoes in a small ovendish, drizzle with olive oil, pepper and salt and put in the oven for 10min or until roasted
  • Bring the stock or broth that you are using almost to a boiling point
  • Gently fry the sjalot, garlic, fennel and cellery in some olive oil in a separate pan for 5 minutes. Add the risotto rice and fry for about 2 minutes
  • Add the white wine with the saffron and let the rice absorp the wine
  • Subsequently, add a laddle of broth so that it gets absorbed by the risotto rice
  • Keep doing this untill the rice is cooked, this takes about 30 minutes
  • Add pepper and salt to taste
  • When the risotto is cooked, add the mascapone and grated parmesan cheese and let the risotto rest with the lid on the pan for minimally 5 minutes – this is very important!
  • Season the fish with salt and pepper, brush lightly with olive oil
  • Grill the fish in a frying pan, with the skin side down first

To serve:

Put the risotto in a deep bowl, place the grilled trout on top, together with the grilled tomatoes and some apple capers. Enjoy!


What do we drink with this?

A Chablis from the Bourgogne worked very well with this dish – a fresh white wine that didn’t overpower the trout, but with enough body to match the creamy risotto

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  1. Het lijkt me een heerlijk gerecht! Met een goede wijn spijs combinatie ! Ik verheug me erop om het te maken!! Wat een heerlijk begin van dit blog!!!! Ben benieuwd naar het vervolg!